Custom Portraits- Pop Art Passion- Pop Art Custom Portrait- Sisters
Custom Portraits- Pop Art Passion- Pop Art Custom Portrait- Sisters
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Pop Art Custom Portrait- Sisters

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 The bond between sisters is so strong and important. Sisters always have each other’s back and take care of one another.

Having a custom-made portrait of you and your sister is such a great way to show her how much you love her and to celebrate you unique relationship.

What can be more lovely than having your sister’s painting hung on the wall and making you smile every time you look at it?

Or maybe it's her birthday and you want to show her your appreciation and love by giving her a colorful, bright custom-portrait of the two of you?


You will receive an original custom made portrait 100% hand-painted by me. This is a one-of-a-kind product, made with great attention to details which will last dozens of years.

 Dimensions: 50x40cm.

Keep in mind that once the order is placed, it will take up to 4 weeks before it arrives in your home.

The painting comes unframed but the dimensions are standard (50x40cm) so framing it will be very easy.

When placing the order send me an image with the two of you. I prefer photos that have your faces in the foreground close to each other so it is easier for me to paint you. If you have multiple pictures and can’t decide which one to choose, send them to me and I will choose the one that I find to be the best match.

The painting is done with acrylics and acrylic markers on acid-free Canson paper.

Before shipping the portrait, I will show you the portrait and you have one free revision in case there is anything you would like me to change for you. Keep in mind that I can’t change the face color that you initially choose when placing the order.

The painting comes in a sturdy box, beautifully packed keeping the artwork safe during shipping.

The painting comes signed on the front and you will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity.